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Excellent collection of "Trip Gongs"

Life-long Collection of Trip Gongs (“Boxing Bells”) for SALE

For over four decades this collection of Trip Gongs (commonly known as “Boxing Bells”) has evolved. A diverse selection of various styles have been restored and are now offered as a intact collection. Included in this collection are bells ranging from small 3" to a whopping 18" in diameter. Most bell gongs are brass/bronze but some were iron and these have been chromed to factory-like new. There are standard Trip Gong mechanisms as well as those fitting the “Railroad” description; and some have no springs with totally bronze inner workings. Two bells are very early and were made by the Vandusan firm. The collection contains a Bevin make, one made by Wall and even a Ship’s bell with double hammers.

Row of various trip gongs

List of Bells in Collection

1-18" chrome with black frame &bronze mechanism
1-16" chrome with green frame &bronze mechanism
2-14" brass with all bronze frame &mechanism (no springs)
5-12" 4 brass &1 chrome, all with bronze mechanism
1-10" Brass/bronze metal frame &bronze mechanism
5-8" 3 brass &1 chrome, all with bronze mechanism
2-7" brass, all with bronze mechanism
1-6" brass with bronze mechanism
1-4" brass with bronze mechanism
1-3" brass with bronze mechanism

view of more bells on a wall

Fourteen of the bells (above) are mounted at the end of a double car garage. Examples are shown below. The remaining six bells are mounted on a separate wall space (right). Included is a 12" marine bell with a double striking mechanism; a side-strike mechanism mounted on a pedestal; two very early Vandusan bells; a 14” brass bell with no springs (depends on quick pull for activation); a chrome bell with a shroud for protection, a very large 16" chrome bell and, recently added to the collection, a massive 18” trip gong from a fire station.

18 inch chrome plated bell

Above: 18" chrome bell after restoration.

view of 12 and 14 inch bells

Above: 12" Railroad bell with three springs; 14" brass bell with no springs.

view of early 7 inch bell with 2 springs

Above: an early railroad mechanism with a 7" bronze bell and two springs.

ten inch bell made by the Wall firm and also a 12 inch 
   bronze bell on an iron pedestal

Above, left: A 10" restored strike gong made by the Wall firm. Above, right: a rare 12" bronze bell on an iron pedestal.

A 10 inch marine bell with two strikers

Above: A 10" Double strike marine bell.

Price (for all 20 bells)
$3500.00 o.b.o


Ron Bopp (918) 527 0589 5207 10th Ave Dr, W. Bradenton, FL 34209

The First 50 Years

Love Steam Whistles? Interested in Steam Engines, Boilers, Turbines? Do you have books, magazines, catalogs and other printed material related to steam power and its applications? Then your library is not complete until you get this beautifully detailed and comprehensive book about The Steam Gauge

view of steam gauge book front cover

Well-known collector and author Bruce Cynar has produce a wonderful treatise about one of the most important steam appliances of all, the Steam Gauge. I just received my copy and I had to stop everything else that I was doing and dive right into this book. You would be amazed at how many different designs there are and how many people developed various devices to measure steam pressure. How else could early boiler operators know exactly what they were dealing with, and how to operate their equipment safely? The steam gauge became one of the most important of all items of the industrial revolution as, by indicating the pressure of steam in various devices and applications, it paved the way for safe and efficient operation of all machines and appliances that produce and utilize steam.

The price of this 200 page spiral bound book is $45.00 and includes postage. Order your copy directly from the author: R. Bruce Cynar

8220 Hollopeter Road
Leo, IN 46765


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Recently we at Horn & Whistle have acquired a great selection of steam whistle pictures, many never before published either in H&W or any other literature. These include closeups of whistles in collections, views of whistles installed on factory rooftops, detail pictures of whistle bowls, acorns, valve levers, in short; everything about steam whistles that can be photographed is here. After making several inquiries, it appears that interest in this publication is very strong. The Whistle Picture Book will include many color illustrations along with numerous black and white photos. Because we are printing only a limited number of copies of The Whistle Picture Book, Please click here to let us know if you are interested in purchasing a copy. The Whistle Picture book will not be available on line, only as a paper publication. Price, $49.00 per copy includes shipping anywhere in the USA.

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a B and M Superchief siren on a light bar

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