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What do others think of HORN & WHISTLE Magazine?

Here are some comments received from readers of Horn & Whistle about the publication. we hope you also will find this publication as interesting and beneficial as these readers have.

  1. All of my interests from steam engines to antique technology to musical instruments are covered in this one publication. I can hardly wait for the next issue to arrive. -RR
  2. I love the HWEG's concerts, their horn and whistle toots and other events. What a wonderful fun hobby this is. -EdM
  3. I have been looking for a set of locomotive horns for years but never knew where to find any or how much to pay until I started subscribing to Horn & Whistle. -TruckerH
  4. These folks who put out this publication are amazing. I never thought such a commonplace item as a train horn, for example would have so much behind it and what a lot of related knowledge these folks have and write about. Horn & Whistle magazine is a real education in itself. And many of the additional subjects they include like clocks and watches and steam engines and electricity are absolutely fascinating the way they present the material. They make even deep technical stuff interesting. I think the magazine should be required reading in every engineering college in the USA. -Wm.O
  5. To me, the most interesting thing is "The Marketplace" column. I think [the magazine's] writing and tracking of sales of these things on eBay is a valuable service and it's been very helpful to me in knowing what is a fair price to bid on some of these items. -KLC
  6. For years, we've had a Hammond organ in our house. Last year, Horn & Whistle printed an article about Hammond organs. I never knew how these worked before or some of the ideas behind the way the instrument is set up. Thanks, Horn & Whistle guys, for this interesting writing about these special musical instruments. I think I can play and set it up better now because now I think I understand how it works and Mr. Hammond's ideas behind it. -BRB
  7. When I was in college, I had a course in electrical engineering. I found some of the theory about alternating current really difficult. But in issue # 111.....in Horn & Whistle, they had an article about basic electricity that made it all understandable. I wish I had that article fifteen years ago. I think I would have received a better grade in the course. -FW
  8. I look forward to Horn & Whistle picture tours through different steam facilities. A couple years back, they did a story on a big utility power station. I had never seen the inside of a power station and I found it absolutely amazing to see what kind of mechanical things are in a power station. Keep up the interesting articles. -RetiredFrancis