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H&W publisher Eric Larson says, "If you have any interest at all in the steam whistle, you must have Steam Whistle Patents, Vol 2 for the wealth of useful information that you'll find in this very comprehensive book."

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VOLUME 2. Here are 210 new patents plus a few German and English patents and drawings from Scientific American. More steam whistles, locomotive air horns, low water alarms, safety valves, signal buoys, actuating devices, nautical alarms, water gauges, feed indicators and more. All of these include whistles in their design. This Volume contains the full patent list of 426 patents. Sorted by Number, Date, Patentee and Patent Name. And details about a new, easier to use and dramatically more flexible, Internet resource for Patent searching.

Steam Whistle Patents Volume 2 is available for $45 including US media mail shipping. Air Parcel Post for Canada is US $53; European and Australian Air Parcel Post pricing is US $62. Paypal to:

8220 Hollopeter ROAD
Leo, IN 46765


I have the original, hard cover company catalogs. They are spare doubles of mine. They are all illustrated with many items including steam whistles of course. I'm willing to trade them for other whistle catalogs which I don't have in my catalog collection. Harry D. Barry.

  1. The Ashton Valve Co. Catalog # 28, probably ca. 1928
  2. 1921Crane Co. catalog # 139
  3. 1920 Lunkenheimer Co. I consider this to be Lunk's best for whistle offerings
  4. 1912 The Lunkenheimer Co.
  5. 1908 The Lunkenheimer Co.
  6. 1914 Crane Co. catalog #40
  7. 1976 The Lunkenheimer Co.
  8. 1971 The Lunkenheimer Co.
  9. 1939 The Lunkenheimer Co.
  10. The Lunkenheimer Co. a newer catalog, [possibly] 1980.

For more information or if you'd like to trade, call me, Harry D. Barry at 814 725 8150
or e-mail me here: whistletooter@hotmail.com


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