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Lots of folks see these pages every month. If you advertise here, they will see what you have for sale. Run an ad in our magazine, and the price we quote will also get you on these web pages! To get started, just complete the information below and hit the "send it in" button. We'll get back to you within three business days with all the information you need to help you advertise with us. And don't forget, there's no obligation when you complete this information form, it is just to help us to help you with your advertising.

Advertising in newspapers can be very pricey. You can run an inexpensive classified ad at an easily affordable price, but how much can you tell your customers in a tiny classified ad? Larger display ads in newspapers get pretty expensive, but frequently you need a lot more space than you get in a classified ad to give people enough information to help them decide to buy from you. Only thing is, all that extra space in the paper gets mighty expensive. A full page in a big, well-known metropolitan daily paper can cost you $10,000 or more, and that's just for ONE TIME!

With the Internet, however, it's altogether different. Internet ads on the Horn & Whistle website can be quite elaborate, with pictures, and even sound clips and/or videos if necessary. And you can include a contact form for people to get back to you; and you can even take credit card payments on line as well, and all of this could even cost under $100.00 if the ad is simple and without extra features, and that price can be for a whole YEAR, not just one day.

One approach that works well for many businesses is this: you advertise on the web and tell people all they need to know to make an educated decision to buy from you. Then, you put an inexpensive classified ad in the papers that directs people to your website. Now you get the continued exposure at a reasonable price in the paper(s) and the website shows your customers in detail everything that you have to offer for sale and also lots of information about it. And here's the best part. After lots of people see your web ad as a result of the cheap classified in the paper, your website gets more exposure and a higher search engine ranking, and eventually you don't even NEED the classified in the paper! And the web runs 24/7. Your web page can be there at night. It's there the next day and the next. Need to make a change or an update? That's easily accomplished on the web.

Some web ads remain unchanged for months at a time, but some change on a daily basis. Think of eBay! Every day they get new items and other stuff gets sold. Try doing that with a newspaper ad and it will become a real hassle, and very expensive if you go for a bigger display ad, especially one with pictures!

Suppose you have a contact form for interested customers to fill out. In a paper, it's printed and then they have to cut it out of the paper, write in their answers, put it in an envelope, stamp it and then go to the nearest mailbox. It's very easy for a busy person to say, I haven't got time now; I'll do it later." But often later never happens.

But on a website form, all a person has to do is type in the information, then click on the send your information button, and that's it. You don't even have to get up out of your chair! Sure beats postal mailing, doesn't it!

And here's the best part. When you advertise on the Horn & Whistle website, you're on a site that has been around for ten years and already gets lots of hits per month. We are well known enough now so that you don't need a classified ad in the newspapers to get your web pages noticed by people interested in what you are offering.

Here's why advertising in H&W is so helpful to you.

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