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Horns and Whistles Tooting Events

Here's an interesting event that I plan on attending myself. Hope to see you here!

IIAH event notice

Youngstown, OH, Whistle Toot, September 28th!

I just got the official word from Harry Barry that this event is coming up at the end of next month. contact Harry Barry at whistletooter@hotmail.com

Here's the HWEG's new PREMIER WHISTLE TOOT, The now famous ST. CLAIR, MI TOOT! The event takes place along the shores of the St. Clair River in MI. and will take place on September 28th.

Contact Harry Barry at

for details on this event. This is now the HWEG's premier whistle event, and features some of the largest whistles ever produced as well as giant steam horns, steam sirens, and of course many smaller whistles as well.

Please note that unfortunately both of these whistle toots are presently scheduled for the same day, however the sponsors of the Youngstown event I am told are seeing if they can possibly change that date so that those of us who would like to attend both events can do so. If any dates change, I will post it here as soon as I am so informed.

And now, here is yet another event, this time a RR horn toot.

The old Simpson Railroad is sponsoring a horn blow at Shelton, WA on Sept. 21st and 22nd.

SW-900 #900 will be used for this event at the upper end of the line. Hopefully by next year we will be able to use the whole line. For those bringing a horn (or horns) the charge will be $40. For further information about this RR horn toot event, please e-mail Pete at this address:


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