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Information for Article Submissions

We welcome your articles, notes, pictures and stories, for these are the substance of Horn & Whistle. Writing for our magazine is as easy as writing a letter to a friend, for that is exactly what you are doing when you write an article for H&W; you are writing a letter to all of your fellow enthusiasts. Now, let’s review the Information for Contributors guidelines to speed your contributions into print as easily and quickly as possible.

Electronically transferred, and typed or computer-printed, postal-mailed articles are preferable to handwritten ones, because we can very easily put these into our production computer. We will accept handwritten articles as long as they are legible, however preference for a particular issue favors an electronically transferred or typed article.

For electronic transfer, send articles as E-mails, Word documents or PDFs. Because we have to format for the magazine layout, you should not format. Also for this reason, do not password-protect your PDFs so that we can reformat them as necessary for our page layouts. Send electronically transferred pictures as single or ZIPped JPEG files. Line drawings can be either JPEG or GIF files; all illustrations should be sent as attachments to your E-mails or separately. Please do not embed pictures into your text articles, otherwise we may not be able to format for our page layouts which may mean your article will not get published. Likewise, captions for your electronically transmitted photos should not be attached to the photos. One easy way is to number your pictures, and then provide the captions as a separate list. Also, if you have a large quantity of pictures, you should select the specific pictures that you wish to include with your article. Do not leave the picture selection up to us! You know exactly what pictures you want to use. Regarding the number of pictures, typically two to four per page works out well.

For typed or handwritten articles, regular 8½ x 11 white paper is best. Photos can be color or black and white, and may also be half-tones. Pen-and-ink sketches, line drawings, CAD illustrations, and charts and graphs are also welcome.

If you copy or otherwise reproduce any printed materials from other publications, books, magazines, etc., you must secure permission from the original publisher and/or author. We reserve the right to ask for proof of this permission before accepting the material for publication in Horn & Whistle.
Thank You,
Your Editorial Staff.