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New Paper Issues became available with Issue 145

We are happy to inform you that we are once again making paper copies of new Horn & Whistle magazines that began with issue #145. We are currently on issue 149. Due to ever increasing costs associated with the production of paper copies we had to become an on line only publication in order to survive, but many subscribers really preferred the paper hardcopies, and even though the on-line version is much less expensive, unfortunately many decided they would rather do without entirely rather than get H&W on line. However, after much research effort (and briefly hiring a marketing consultant which proved to be a very wise decision) we are once again making paper copies available. The price for a paper subscription, which includes one year or four issues of Horn & Whistle will be $50.00. So Horn & Whistle will now available both as a paper hardcopy, and also as a downloadable PDF. The cost per year of the downloadable on-line PDF will remain at just $10.00, because on-line publishing is much less expensive than postal mailed printed copies and we pass this saving along to our subscribers. Here are the two subscribing options:

Paper Hardcopy Issues.

Downloadable PDF Issues.