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Since I began occupying the publisher's and webmaster's positions at Horn & Whistle, I have produced issues from #101 through #146, with #147 in progress as you read this. All of these issues [except for 147 which I am working on at the moment] are now available on a set of three CDs as PDF files which will work on just about any device that has Internet access. The CDs are available either as individual discs or as a set. Since most purchasers will want the entire set, we have waived the shipping and handling fees for all individuals who purchase the entire set. If you find this publication interesting and are a relatively recent subscriber, here is an excellent opportunity to see the last 46 issues which go back over ten years and contain a wealth of information not easily found anywhere else. Use this form to order your CDs conveniently. We generally ship on the same day or the following day upon receipt of payment.

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  •  Back issue CDs back issue CD 1 of three $15.00
  •  Back issue CDs back issue CD 2 of three $15.00
  •  Back issue CDs back issue CD 3 of three $15.00.
  • Note: There is a $4.22 packing, handling and shipping charge for CDs; however, if you purchase all three back issue CDs together, we will waive this fee. H&W.

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