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Steam Whistles are highly desirable collectibles, sometimes selling for as much as $10,000 on eBay. What exactly is a steam whistle? How does it work? Can you successfully operate a steam whistle on compressed air if steam is not available? Who still makes Steam Whistles today? Where could you find one and how much would or should you pay? Is it possible to find a whistle at reasonable and affordable price?
    Or are you mechanically inclined and want to make a steam whistle? Horn & Whistle Magazine addresses all of these questions and more. Frequently we publish actual manufacturers' prints including critical dimensions for various types of steam whistles. We also follow and report on whistle sales (and horns too) on eBay. Frequently we include technical articles on steam whistle design, so that if you are planning to build a steam whistle, you can refer to these articles and not have to spend a lot of time with trial and error attempts only to find that a critical dimension was wrong and your hard work was for nothing.

  • Get the latest on Whistle Prices
  • Read research articles on whistles and how changing certain dimensions affects their performance.
  • See manufacturers' specs and dimensions and other whistle criteria.

Horn & Whistle Magazine is a quarterly print publication. Each issue has 44 pages. This is not a little newsletter with a few pages stapled together in one corner. Horn & Whistle is a real magazine. Click the other links on this site to find out more, or CLICK HERE to subscribe. Thank you for looking at the Horn & Whistle Magazine web pages.

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